Unusual Walls with 3D Posters

“Beautiful Giant Poster Wallpapers that add color and movement to living spaces”
If you are bored of classic walls and want to add a different style to your home, you can get an extraordinary style with 3D posters.In recent years, 3D wallpapers have attracted great attention and have hundreds of different models appealing to different styles and tastes.Decorative 3D posters can be used to make a difference in areas such as the living room, children’s room, kitchen and entree.In addition, we will open a parenthesis on wallpaper for the bedroom.

Unusual Walls

3D posters, ideal for those who want to make bold changes in their living spaces,will revive your walls and make a difference in decoration with hd print quality with its giant dimensions.You can find different themes in many categories, you can add depth to your walls using dozens of different models for areas of your interest.
3D  wallpaper poster models are generally applied to a single wall,In this way, it can easily become the focal point.It can be preferred especially to provide movement and energy to children and youth rooms.

Artsy rooms with giant posters

Using giant wall posters is a bold decision that will make a difference in decoration, it is certain that you will have a remarkable decoration with these decorative posters that have become the focus of the place they are used.
With small, medium and large size options, it can be applied to any style of living space.As the back of the designs are ready to be stick, it can be easily applied to the desired wall.In the continuation of our article, you will be able to find detailed explanation of how to paste 3D  wallpapers.

Usage Areas

Giant 3D posters are also among the wallpapers used in hotel and restaurant, theater, cinema and meeting halls, office and showroom decorations.You can achieve a more personal and special style with these designs which can reflect the desired effect in the space strongly and give movement to the walls.

How to Apply?

3D Decorative Posters are self-adhesive so they can be easily applied at home, but if you are unsure about bonding, you can get help from an expert.You may need someone to help you to stick giant posters that consist of multiple pieces.Now we will list what to do step by step.

How to hang a 3D poster to the wall?

First of all, it is very simple to stick these posters, but it requires care and patience.Making a mistake in a hurry can have consequences that are difficult to compensate.You should patiently follow our suggestions below to get a great view.
1-) Wet the wall where you will apply the poster first (it may be glass wipe), remove the paper on the back of the poster and wet it again, so that they do not stick to each other.
2-) At this stage, we will apply the first piece of adhesive giant poster to the wall.Start by aligning the right or left with respect to the corner you are pasting from top to bottom.
3-) Align the 2-5 cm part from the top to the ceiling so that it will overflow. it is very important that there is no skew in the vertical axis.
4-) Continue by gluing the poster 30×40 cm on the wet wall.Squeeze glass wipe on the adhered surface to ensure lubrication,and the liquid between the wall and the poster is thrown out with credit card.Do this carefully,it may be stratched.
5-) After the first piece is adhered, you need to paste the second piece in the same order by matching the patterns together.However, the parts should be overlapped and glued together.
6-) If air bubbles remain on the surface, puncture with a needle and press on the surface to remove the air bubble.

Removing 3D Wallpaper

Must be removed by heating with a blow dryer.Application of the paint and paint type are recommended to be tested.It is recommended to test the test piece coming out of the product for a day in an invisible part of the wall.

Wallpaper for Bedroom


We like to create differences while decorating our bedrooms. As such, our options are limited.But the wallpaper will be the solution to us at this point.For example, we can add depth by choosing 3d bedroom wallpaper on the wall of our bed headboard.In addition, we can achieve a beautiful contrast by choosing wallpaper in a different color from other wall colors.

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