Time to Enjoy: New Season Garden Furniture 2019

It’s time to enjoy the garden in the warm and fresh air that the landlords have waited for a long time.To enjoy the sun and the garden on summer days, a comfortable and stylish garden decoration is required.Accurate and durable garden furniture can be used to turn the garden into a warm and pleasant environment.So what are the changes that can be made in the garden in order to spend this summer in a pleasant and peaceful garden, what should be taken into consideration when buying garden furniture and how should these furniture be maintained? where to buy both quality and cheap garden furniture? we want to include these titles in our article.

What should be considered when buying garden furniture?

The first point to be considered in the furniture choices for the garden is the material of the design.Because in the garden decoration, the products we will buy will generally be outdoor pruducts and they will be left in the outside.In other words, the fact that the selected designs are not affected by the natural conditions in the garden is an important point to consider when choosing garden furniture.The calculations of the selected size of furniture should be made in advance.When choosing garden furniture, the production material should be selected according to the weather conditions to which the furniture will be exposed.

  • The furniture you choose is resistant to color fading
  • Made of material resistant to decay and corrosion
  • Easy to clean and easy to transport
  • Adapt to all weather conditions
  • The comfort and style of furniture

The fact that selected furniture have not color fading is a point to pay particular attention to.The effects of hot and cold weather on the furniture are the most important factors affecting the lifetime of the furniture.In this sense, especially when choosing wooden garden furniture, water-based wood preservative paint and water-based lacquer should be used.Garden furniture that using water-based lacquers are made with colorless water-based lacquers in their annual maintenance and become more resistant to color fading.These are the points to consider.

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What are garden furniture models?

Sitting groups, garden chairs, table & chair sets, umbrellas and deck chairs, garden tables, hammocks & swings designed with different production materials for garden decoration are among the first garden furniture models that come to mind.Each product group has different styles and production materials, for example, wooden garden furniture, rattan garden furniture, or wrought iron furniture, each each of them act the same, but they differ as production material.You can choose your style according to the style of your garden and the environment you want to create.The important thing is how you want to get an image of your garden.

Rattan Garden Products

Rattan seating groups, which are frequently preferred for garden and balcony decoration, are among the durable garden furniture that can be used indoors and outdoors in 4 seasons.
They are ideal for garden decoration with their easy cleaning and lightweight bodies.Rattan garden products are also suitable designs for home, cafe or restaurants.Its advantages compared to wooden garden furniture are sun-resistant, does not rot & mold, easy to clean and maintenance-free.

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Wooden Garden Furniture

You can create a full picnic atmosphere in the garden with wooden seating groups which are constant part of gardens.Wood also creates a warmer and more intimate effect in the garden, as it is a durable material, it is suitable for long-term use, but requires regular maintenance.You can also solve this problem with decorative cushions, although wooden furniture may seem uncomfortable.
Among the most popular garden furniture of recent years are the natural-looking garden sets and they give the garden a warm style with different color and model options.

Umbrellas & Sunbeds

The sun or rain may be a problem for us when we spend time in the garden.For this reason, umbrellas will come to our rescue. Garden umbrellas, which are among the sine qua non for garden decoration, have different sizes and models, skeleton of garden umbrellas can be produced as metal or wood.For the gardens where wood stands out, models designed with skeleton wood will be a suitable choice.
Garden sunbeds are a must for those who want to enjoy the sun in the garden.When choosing sunbeds, it is important to choose the appropriate material and model according to the style of the garden.
In order to enjoy a high level of garden comfort, comfort is very important,especially in garden loungers, the backrest should be gradually raised.

Garden hammock and swings

Everybody loves swings from 7 to 70. In this case, the garden’s fun is no doubt garden swings that dozens of different models and colors are available.When choosing garden swing, it is important that the funny garden swing model should be compatible with the decoration style of the garden, can move freely and provide comfort at the highest point with its design.
Swing sizes should be considered according to the size of the garden, it is useful to choose comfortable designs such as bed garden swings which have become popular recently.

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