New Season Bellona Carpet Models

Carpet models which emphasize the style and quality of living spaces and are among the valuable decoration pieces that will be used for many years. Carpet models that can easily change the atmosphere of the environment and add value to the space can come up in different forms with different colors, patterns and changing decoration trends every season.In today’s article, we wanted to talk about some important points that will make your job easier for carpet selection and 2019 new season of Bellona carpet models which attracts attention with its special color options and stylish styles among the new season carpet models.

Bellona which  is the unchangeable brand of its users with its quality and wide product range for years is a brand that does not compromise on style and product quality. With its new collections that can appeal to different styles and tastes, it manages to make its name known every season. As well as its rich and high quality furniture models, we can say that the 2019 bellona carpet models have brought a lot of sound in the sector, They have elegant carpet designs that increase the quality of every modern or classic house with its wide range of carpets that appeal to every style that is launched in the brand’s new season. Along with the models that are compatible with every decoration style, there are different alternatives for each area. It is possible to find beautiful carpet models for your halls, kitchens and bedrooms.

2019 Bellona Carpet Models


The brand comes up with a lot of different carpet collections, especially those who love classic home decorations we strongly recommend that you examine brand’s new collection.You can find elegant bellona classic carpet models in between Safir, Woolline, Softline, Milda, Mona Lisa and Valentina collections.You can see the special carpets of all these series in our gallery and you can visit the official website of the brand for more models and product features. We show extra care especially in the carpets that we prefer for our halls.The choice of carpets in the hall decoration can be difficult due to the fact that we entertain our guests here  and are the ones that we care about the most when choosing furniture. However, you can find a model you will like by examining the bellona salon carpet models from our gallery with beautiful design and color options.

Tips for Choosing Carpet

What should we look for when buying carpet?

Carpet selection is an important point in decoration, some important points should be considered when choosing these designs that will be used for many years. These small details are actually very important for choosing the right carpet, what you should consider when choosing carpets can be examined below.

  • Price: Before you buy a carpet, set your budget for it. Because other options you have to consider may force you to push the budget limits and spend more than usual.
  • Area of use: Which part of your house do you look for carpets? Living room, bedroom, kitchen? The usage area of the carpet will change the color, pattern and size selection you will make and you should know the characteristics of the place.
  • Pattern: You can choose the pattern in the carpet completely depending on your taste, you should also consider the patterns, colors and models of other objects in the space. So you can make more accurate choices.
  • Color: As with the selection of patterns, the choice of colors should be made to match the decoration of your home.
  • Yarn type: One of the most important factors determining the quality of the carpet is the type of yarn. There are 4 basic yarn types: Polyamide (Nylon), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester and Acrylic. These types of yarns can be blended with each other or with wool to produce different types of yarns.

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