Country Style Bird Cages and Lantern Models

Decorative accessories are indispensable for every house, they are small but important details for decoration. They are also complementary pieces that  reflect the styles and tastes of the people to their homes comfortably . Each house chooses different decorative objects in respect of its style, but as a result,  regardless of decorating style of house, home accessories add value and meaning to every living space. In our article today, we wanted to include decorative bird cages, decorative lanterns, candle holders and different varieties of them which are among the most preferred decorative accessories in home decoration and can create different effects in decoration. Candle holders are important accessories for decorative display of candles, but they are also useful designs to give support to candles and to prevent from danger and fire. Since candles have been preferred as lighting tools since ancient times, it is not surprising that there are different type of candles and candle holders. As you know, there are many different type of candle holder designs,in this sense, it’s hard to make a choice. However since our subject is Country style we just examined this type of products.So  in this category the most popular and prominent designs are undoubtedly romantic bird cages and lanterns. Bird cages and decorative lanterns are among the most important accessories for those who love the warm and romantic style of the country style.When it comes to romantic and classic style of decoration, first design come to our mind is decorative candle holders which are made from wrought iron or wood. For our followers who are undecided between wood and wrought iron, we will have suggestions for the continuation of our article.

Romantic Bird Cages


When we talk about romanticism, one of the first things that comes to our mind is the candle light that is lit in an atmosphere of dim lights. As such, it is inevitable to add a few candles to the decoration. In recent years, interest in the country style has increased considerably, and decorative bird cages which provides peace and romantic details are among the most appropriate accessories for this decoration style. Bird cages with integrated candle holder that have many different models, colors and sizes can be used in many areas balcony, garden and living room.Since the bird cages have been the most popular and sought-after accessories, many popular fashion brands produce decorative candle holders and they include these designs in their product lines.Decorative bird cages that add a stylish and elegant atmosphere to classical decorations can have different features and details, for example, some models are only wrought iron, while some models can be used with glass and different coating materials.It is certain that the designs will add a stylish and elegant style to the classical decoration visually, but the usage areas are an important factor affecting this visuality. Bird cages are accessories that can be used on the floor and wall, they are mostly preferred in living rooms and bedrooms. Romantic Bird Cages and Lantern Models are the most important accessories in a country style lounge or bedroom. Country lovers first look at English Home Bird cage models and Madame Coco Bird cages while they are making their choices in this category. it is also possible to find many options depending on the material and color used. Here we have selected beautiful decorative bird cage models for you.

Decorative Lantern Models


Decorative lanterns with many different models are among the accessories that attract the attention of Country lovers like bird cages. Lantern candle holders can be used on coffee tables, on the floor or on the wall. Among these designs, wrought iron lanterns and wooden lanterns are the most sought-after designs.Although there are many different color options, the most popular lantern candles are white and pink designs. Decorative lantern models are ideal accessories to give a romantic style to garden decoration as well as home decoration. They also have an effect that gives pleasure and peace to evening chats in the garden.

Romantic Bird Cages and Lantern Models, which stand out among country-style accessories, can easily adapt to the decoration with their stylish appearance, but there is an uncertainty about whether to choose wood or wrought iron.The country has a romantic style and natural that comes fore and bring serenity effect,in this sense,distressed old wooden lanterns are more suitable designs for this style.Wood adds a warmer and more intimate atmosphere compared to wrought iron designs, but if wrought iron accessories are included in the space it can be preferred in terms of complementarity. So which model you prefer will depend on how the space was designed before.

Romantic Bird Cages and Lantern Models

It can be quite difficult to choose between these two decorative accessories, in general both designs look quite harmonious with each other. To give a simple example, if you are going to use decorative bird cages on the floor, you can prefer the lanterns on the coffee table tops. Choosing white or off-white distressed designs will be the ideal choice for Country style. In addition, bird cage candle holder models are also suitable for pendant methods. If you use it in an area such as a terrace, a balcony, a patio or a garden, romantic bird cages will have a great look.





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