24 Best Striped Wallpaper

Instead of classic color walls, decorative wallpapers that move away from the routine and give the living spaces a more personal and modern look are preferred for interior decoration of any style, whether classic or modern.Synthetic wall paints are both laborious in terms of application and not as long-lasting as wallpapers,With the developing production technologies, today’s decorative wallpaper models are resistant to heat, moisture, water and possible impacts.Wallpapers are the most ideal choice that without disturbing the style of your home for many years and will not cause any additional financial expenses during this period.It is also advantageous to use wallpaper not only in the rooms, but also in the doorways that are exposed to the most movement.In the following sections, we will talk about doorway wallpaper models.
You can give the desired effect and reflect your style to your living spaces with wallpapers which is Easy to apply, unlimited color and pattern options.Before using wallpaper in decoration, you should choose patterns, colors and models appropriate to the decoration style of your home.For your dream interior design it is so important to choose right color and right patterned wallpaper.You should consider the effects of the wallpaper you will choose in the space and the harmony with the furniture models and styles in the space.Here are some beautiful striped wallpaper models that we found as a result of our research for you.

Decorative Striped Wallpapers

Wallpaper patterns are decorative designs that add style and character to your living spaces, regardless of your decoration style,in this respect,the effects of the wallpaper to the space is a very important issue.Don’t choose wallpaper without deciding what you want,What kind of effect do you want to create at home, a peaceful and warm effect or an energetic and remarkable style?It may be difficult to choose from thousands of different models that appeal to all tastes and styles, but nobody knows what kind of effect you want in your home better than you.
In this part of our article, we would like to continue with decorative striped wallpaper models which are suitale both modern and classic home decoration styles and give the place both color and warmth.Striped walls have the effect of reflecting many different styles to the space,in this sense,No matter whether the interior decoration is modern or classic,if the right colors and the right furniture are combined with striped wallpapers it can make a difference in every interior design.
Another advantage is that according to the thinness and thickness of the lines, you can have a chance to show the environment bigger with the illusions of the lines.Striped wallpapers can make a room look longer and wider than it is, with the right colors this illusion creates a warm and decorative effect.

Which areas are suitable for striped wallpaper?

Decorative striped wallpapers, , can be easily used for bedrooms, children and young rooms, guest rooms and areas such as an anteroom and also especially in living rooms.In addition, if you consider the warm effects of the striped designs in the space, it is useful to use it for plenty of visits such as living room, children’s room and entree.

Wallpaper Models for Entrance


As mentioned at the beginning of our article, the anthers are the areas where the most transition and movement are provided in our house.Therefore, the most suitable places for contamination, painting and scratching.So using wallpaper in these areas would be a more accurate choice.The fact that wallpapers contain moving and vivid motifs can eliminate the boringness of this area.In addition, the fact that the wallpapers can be erased will help us to clean our doorways that are exposed to the most movement.
Whether the living space is narrow, wide or with low ceilings, striped wallpapers create a suitable and decorative look for any place.You should decide whether both color and size of stripes are suitable for the environment while considering the furniture you use in the space and the floor colors and the size of the space.
In our gallery, we have chosen 24 attractive striped wallpaper that will inspire you.

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